Born – 01.06.1990
email: vucko989@gmail.com
fb: https://www.facebook.com/artistn.vuckovic/
Currently living in Nis, Serbia

2017 – Master’s degree- painting in International university of Novi Pazar, Serbia
2013 -2016 Currently in the final year of PHD in Faculty of Technology in Leskovac, Serbia
2013 – Master’s degree- Engineer technology- University of Novi Sad- Technical Faculty “Mihajlo Pupin”
2012 – Graduate Designer – Interior in International university of Novi Pazar, Serbia

He works in the field of painting and fine art, but also – print art, mosaic and interior design. Most of his works are based on the concept of searching of the connection between nature energy and human emotions and the moment expressions. He is well known with his achromatic landscapes and untypical compositions. His work belongs and are connected to styles like Fauvism and Expressionism.